Plastisol paints: their features and application

Plastisol paints: their features and application

Вспениватель для пластизольной краски Puff base

Вспениватель для пластизольной краски Puff base

Such an additive foaming agent for plastisol paint Puff base is made by Turkey. This additive must b..

500 грн.

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Plastisol paint

Plastisol paint is a type of paint that does not contain solvents in its composition and it is because of this that it is considered a 100% solid paint, which is often used in silk screen printing.

Such plastisol inks for silk-screen printing have thermoplasticity, which allows them to solidify at a temperature of 140-160 degrees, which does not happen at room temperature. It is this property that allows them to be stored for a long time.

Plastisol, unlike many other paints, does not penetrate the fibers of fabrics, but envelops them, which in turn forms a mechanical connection. You can buy such a plastisol on our website at an affordable price.

Advantages of plastisol paint

This screen printing ink has a number of advantages, namely:

  • these paints can be applied to light and dark fabrics;

  • such dyes can be used to dye any type of fabric, both synthetic and natural (suede, cotton, jersey and others);

  • the composition of such paints can be supplemented with various additives, the most popular are:

  1. "Stretch" - allows you to maintain the elasticity of the fabric without losing its quality;

  2. The addition of puff base leads to a rise in the fabric, that is, it creates the effect of a bulge in the pattern;

  3. The addition of a 3D effect allows you to make drawings perfectly smooth and clear;

  4. The foaming agent for plastisol paint makes the paint thicker;

  5. A fluorescent additive allows images to glow in the dark;

  6. The addition of fluorescent pigments will allow the design to glow under the light of an ultraviolet lamp.

  • the colors of such paints are very juicy and bright, this property;

  • there is no unpleasant odor during paint application;

  • with the help of a special printer, it is possible to adjust the coloring power (the drawing can be either transparent or fully saturated).

When purchasing this type of paint, you should know that silk-screen ink must be kept in clean conditions so that various dust and dirt do not get into it. If stored incorrectly and various substances get into the paint, its composition may deteriorate.

On our website plastisol paint can be bought at reasonable prices and made from any image a work of art. After all, a good and high-quality ink for silk-screen printing, which can be bought quickly only from us.